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Alex Sirota, Founder, NewPath Network

I have worked as a software sales person, a software programmer and designer, as a product manager and now as an independent business person. I always strive to see how computer technology can help the ordinary person, not just the techno-geek that wants the latest and greatest.

I am interested in designing software that will change the way people use computers and also makes their lives easier, not more complicated. We help not for profit organizations and the public sector take advantage of the IT revolution to streamline their business and reduce overhead costs associated with "pushing paper".

I am also particularly interested in new project management paradigms that take a more organic approach to planning and executing. Specifically I am a big supporter of agile work and practice the agile methodologies regularly and often.

My skills:

- Project Management
- Product Management
- Creative and Business Writing
- Organizational Development
- Leadership Coaching
- Web Site Design
- Web Development and Programming
- Usability Engineering
- e-Commerce
- Business Development and Strategy
- Agile work


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