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2004 NewPath Professional Development Segment Summaries

December 2nd 2004

Subject: Loosening the Purse Strings: Fundraising Campaigns and Challenges of the new Millennium

Speaker: Camilla Holland, Consultant to the not-for-profit arts sector

Camilla Holland  facillitated a workshop and discussion about general fundraising strategies, developing donor relationships, effective and efficient fundraising, and integrating technology into the fundraising paradigm.

Camilla has worked in the not-for-profit sector for ten years, primarily in arts management. Recently she was the Director of Marketing and Development at Factory Theatre; Theatre Grants Officer at the Toronto Arts Council, administering a $3 million grant program; a freelance fundraising and marketing consultant, and producer for numerous independent productions in Toronto and abroad. She is currently producing a large fundraising event for CanStage and Opera Atelier, as well as running a small theatre company.

November 4th 2004

Subject: How IT Matters

Speaker: Michael O’Neil – Country Manager, IDC Canada

Nicholas Carr has made a reputation out of questioning the relevance of IT investments - first through an HBR article entitled "IT Doesn't Matter", and then with a book entitled "Does IT Matter?".  Michael O'Neil took us on a flight through the past, current, and future role of technology in the economy. Along the way, he touched on Carr's argument and various rebuttals, the "3 Cs" through history, the impact of demographics on IT decisions and deployment, and how the IT industry has changed, and will change in the second half of this decade.

Michael O'Neil is an internationally-recognized expert on the creation and application of business partner relationships in the IT industry. Please visit the IDC Canada website for a complete bio.


September 30th 2004

Subject: Speed Read your client in 60 Seconds, to deliver a customized effective sales pitch

Speaker: Jonathan Hughes - Principal, Corporate Team Coaching

Do you approach every client the same way? Do you ask the same questions and provide the same information? Can you determine how best to interact with your client within 60 Seconds?

Jonathan is a Newpath member and also runs his own business in Corporate Team Coaching. He has worked with all sizes of organizations including Fortune 500 and IT companies for over 10 years.


August 26th 2004

Summer Social and Summer Not

Fun evening of getting to know fellow NewPathers on a more social level. This is an opportunity to bring guests and introduce them to a great bunch!


July 29th 2004

Subject: How to write a proposal that sells: Avoiding the 10 most common mistakes

Speaker: Kevin McIntosh - Vice President of Business Development, RSG

You've got the right skills to land that next contract but do you have the "write" skills to pull together the proposal that will win it for you?

Kevin McIntosh is Vice President of Business Development for two software development companies, Retail Systems Group (www.rsgsoft.com) and FeedStream Inc (www.feedstream.com), and is an active member of the NewPath Executive. In a previous life, he was managing partner for a successful Executive Search and Consulting Firm for more than 10 years where writing winning proposals was a weekly challenge.  


June 24th 2004

Subject: Virtual Teaming and Distance Collaboration

Speaker: Gillian Kerr, Ph.D., C.Psych. - President, RealWorld Systems

Gillian will discuss some of the academic research on distance collaboration, along with helpful online collaboration tools and her own experiences as the head of a virtual consulting firm.

For more information, visit: www.realworldsystems.net/newsarticles.html

Gillian Kerr is the Founder and President of RealWorld Systems specializing in the development of solutions that are accessible to people who live in the "real world" - those who are disabled, who speak languages other than English, who live on low incomes, or who have cultural differences. As such, Gillian has a keen interest in the non-profit sector and is a regular contributor of articles on Charity Village. Real World Systems delivers solutions by working with geographically diverse consultants working in virtual teams supported by project intranets and collaborative technology. An Industrial & Organizational Psychologist by education, Gillian has held several senior executive positions with large organizations including Vice President of both The United Way and MarketLink Corporation.  


May 27th 2004

Subject: Customer Experience? What is that?

Speaker: Caroline Watt - President, The Customer Experience Company (division of CWA)

Learn how delivering an exceptional customer experience can impact your bottom line, how to solicit feedback and where you can start making changes in your organization.

Carolyn Watt is an award winning writer, consultant, speaker and trainer who, for more than 20 years, has focused her energy on strategies that make it easy for customers to do business with their clients. Clients include AirIQ, Amdahl, Amex, AT&T, InSystems Technologies, Blockbuster Canada, CIBC, Scotiabank, Telus, Trimark and several government agencies.


April 29th 2004

Subject 1: Discovering Your Unique Ability

Speaker:  Julian Sale - DareArts Foundation

Are we what we do? or do we do what we are? Julian helps lead members down a path for self-discovery that may have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives.

DAREarts, a not-for-profit organization, is composed of community leaders, artists and educators who want to provide Discipline, Action & Responsibility in Education through an outreach program that provides young people with self-discipline and leadership skills as positive alternatives to crime and drugs. www.darearts.ca

Subject 2: Ten Things You Can do to Improve Your Search Engine Placement (and accidentally improve your marketing strategy and web site at the same time). Part 1 of 2 (continued in June/04 meeting)

Speaker: Andre Molnar

This workshop will provide insightful tips and techniques for both the non-technical and the web-savvy that you can take back to the office and start applying for yourself and your clients immediately.

March 25th 2004

Subject: Pyramid of Power

Speaker: George Wall - Managing Director, Wall & Associates, CA4IP

This is a dynamic process that defines the big picture of your company and then provides a solution on HOW you can go forward.  For more details visit their website.

CA4IP is a group of independent accounting firms located in major cities across Canada. George Wall founded the organization so independent professionals would be able to receive financial services from firms across the country, that understood the special needs of the small independent business person.


February 26th 2004

Subject: Business Models for Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Ramy Taraboulsy - CEO, SyncBASE Inc.

The presentation will discuss a new business model for entrepreneurship that focuses on minimizing or even eliminating the startup costs of a software development firm. The topics of discussion will include:

* The old entrepreneurship model for software development

* Challenges of the old model

* Description of the new model

* Sources of revenue

* Strategies for minimizing expenses

* Next steps: can this model continue forever?

Ramy has worked in many blue chip organizations in senior executive technology roles, including, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, W.M. Mercer, The Toronto Star, Rogers Communications and Nestlé. Ramy holds a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, an M.Sc. Computer Science (thesis about Computer Based Training) and an MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Currently, Ramy is the CEO of SyncBASE Inc. and a director of three technology companies.


January 29th 2004

Subject: Getting Your Next Contract

Speaker: Bob Pridding - VP Business Development for CA4IP and Wall & Associates

At this months meeting Bob Pridding will provide us with a framework to get started in finding your next contract or job and share with us how Attitude, Commitment, Focus and Process are all key factors in securing new business. He will also review the tools and resources available to us all to make it happen. This is a "Don't Miss" opportunity to learn from other peoples experience.

Bob has 28 years experience in the Canadian staffing industry and has held senior positions at CNC Global, Brainhunter, Manpower and other leading contracting firms.

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