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Photos couresty of Greg Tjepkema

Founder of NewPath, Alex Sirota, introducing Daniel Pink

Dan in Conversation with Brian Kilgore.

“While I am sure there are many Accountants out there who you will find sculpting on the weekend, you can bet you won't find many full time sculpters who like to do accounting on the weekends”

“The new MBA is the MFA”

“Brain size is like geography...it's not how big a territory it covers but the density of population that matters!”

200+ attendees fill the Fleck Auditorium at the Rotman School of Management (U of T)

Dan's Right-Brained Tax Accountant pictured in the background.

(part of the event's multi-media background support)

The “Bucket of Abundance” that the DX (Toronto Design Exchange) helped us to fill with door prizes for attendees.

Event participants got the chance to purchase personally autographed copies of Dan's new book.


for sharing his time, knowledge and experiences with us all.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors who helped to make this event so great:

provoq | strategic & creative braning


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