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June 7th, 2005 - Dan Pink In Conversation, Live! @ Rotman School of Management (U of T)

** Organized and sponsored by the NewPath Network **

Speaker: Daniel Pink , Best Selling Author, “ Free Agent Nation ” & “A Whole New Mind

Interviewer: Brian Kilgore

Q&A host: Scott Steele , Executive Editor Canadian Business Magazine

Event Production: Jana Schilder

Full Event Information: PDF download

For ticket information visit Rotman's Online Registration page.

Hear a Podcast with Dan Pink

Watch a full video of the event from TVO's Big Ideas

Brush up on some of Dan Pink's articles in our Archive

see Event Photos

In 2001, Dan Pink released his first book, Free Agent Nation which became an overnight business best seller and the catalyst behind the formation of the NewPath Network.  NewPath founder Alex Sirota wanted to provide a vehicle for fellow free agents (freelance and independent business consultants) to share resources, storys and leads.  In March of this year, Dan released his second book, A Whole New Mind which discusses the shift from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age where right-brained aptitudes will become equally as important as left-brained aptitudes.  Design, Story, Empathy, Play, Symphony and Meaning are the six essential aptitudes he describes as being key to success in this new age.  “It is no longer enough for businesses to think like designers.  They must become designers.”

The event was a huge success with more than 200 people in attendance. Dan was a truly entertaining and enlightening speaker who had the entire audience 100% engaged.  Many thanks to Rotman for providing the venue and for promoting it to their students and alumni.  Thanks also to Dean Roger Martin who, as one of the most truly progressive business school Dean's when it comes to right-brain curriculums, was also an inspiration to Dan himself.

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