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July 2007 Summer Social Event



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Wednesday July 25th, 2007.


6:00pm to whenever


The Fox and the Fiddle

1535 Yonge Street (about 1.5 blocks north of St. Clair near Heath St)

Look for us on the Rooftop patio if the sun is shining!


No Charge from NewPath but it is pay your own way for food and drinks!


06:00 PM

Introduction and Welcome from Alex (no, NewPath is NOT a cult!)

06:15 PM

How to Network with a cool drink in one hand and a shrimp ring in the other

06:45 PM

Panel Discussion on who would win an arm wrestle between Samual Adams and Alexander Keith

07:45 PM

Serious NewPathers plant stakes and run an open tab.

For more information about this meeting or membership, contact Richard Underwood

richard AT newpathnetwork DOT org

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