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March 2007 Meeting

Tales From The Trenches: NewPath Member Client Success Stories

Join Veteran NewPath members as they share their experiences surrounding Client Development.

Learn & benefit from OPE (Other People's Experience) through this serial presentation and round table discussion as we examine:

+ Landing the Client

+ Strategies that delight the customer

+ Securing future business and referrals

During the session, the Facilitator will develop a running list of ideas and key success factors that attendees can take away with them after the meeting and begin to apply in their own business.

The Panelists from L to R:

Jeff Chow, Victoria White, Misha Rybolov, Emmanuel Lopez, Kathleen McBride, Dmitry Brusilovsky

Facilitator: Tamara Eberle , Managing Partner, Track (Project Management & Facilitation)


Wednesday March 28th, 2007.


6:00pm to 8:30pm


Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, ON

Room 303.


Click Here to Register online in advance for $10

Register at the door for $15

* Refreshments and Light Food served *


06:00 PM

Introduction and Welcome from Alex

06:15 PM

Meet and Greet – 60 Second Round Table Introductions

06:45 PM

Presentations & Round Table Discussions

07:45 PM

Free Form Networking

For more information about this meeting or membership, contact Richard Underwood

richard AT newpathnetwork DOT org

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