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September 2007 Meeting

This month's meeting will be a networking social to bring out all those who are interested in starting the fall right!

In addition to our usual networking and synergies at this month's meeting, we will be seeking your feedback about a new approach and direction for our monthly meetings that we think will add great value, draw new faces and build up the calibre of entrepreneurs in our mix. Please come out to enjoy an appetizer and a drink at one of Toronto's best restaurants and talk about how your summer has gone, what sort of clients you are looking for and how you are getting ready for a busy fall.

We'll distribute a survey to gauge the response of the group at the end of the social.

Date:  Wednesday September 26th, 2007

Time:  6:00pm to 9:00 pm

Location:  grano ristorante 2035 Yonge St. M4S 2A2



$20 in advance Register in advance online

$25 at the door

Your registration will entitle you to 1 drink + all you can eat delicious appetizers  



This meeting is open to guests of NewPath Members so please invite clients, prospects or other B2B Freelance professionals to attend.

Ask them to register online at

For more information about this meeting or membership, contact Richard Underwood

richard AT newpathnetwork DOT org

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