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“It is amazing how many ideas can be generated when you put a bunch of smart people in a room an let them talk. This is the very simple concept behind an IdeaStorm.”

     -Alex Sirota, Founder

An IdeaStorm is an opportunity for any individual or organization to “float” an idea out to a group of highly talented and creative people to receive feedback and build upon the concept brought forward.  In an IdeaStorm, we handpick a select group NewPather's from the network who could make a valuable contribution to the session. The “Stormee” makes a presentation identifying a set of challenges or issues facing their organization, product or service and the group storms over it for one hour.  Often the session takes on the feel of a 360 degree feedback session, with potential approaches and solutions coming from many different perspectives. Stormees will come away with a more defined concept, increased awareness of hidden challenges and a bag full of potential solutions, strategies and last but not least, a set of individuals who can help you execute your idea and bring it to reality.

The Process:

  • The Stormee must submit an “application” for and IdeaStorm session with the NewPath Executive for evaluation and coordination including a confidential outline of the subject for the session. (NDA's will be honoured).

  • The NewPath Executive selects IdeaStorm participants from the NewPath Network of members and may at their discretion also include outside experts or facilitators for a given IdeaStorm.

  • There is no commitment required from the “Stormee” to implement any of the proposed approaches or solutions.

  • The only commitment we ask is that the “Stormee” come to the IdeaStorm prepared to give a brief outline of their organization, product/service offering and the challenges faced.

  • No one from the NewPath Network will solicit business from the “Stormee”. The Stormee may, at his/her desire, initiate further dialogue or services from NewPath Network and its memebrs by going through their contact person in NewPath Executive.  It is our hope that Stormee's will engage NewPath afterwards because they liked what we had to offer and the synergy of the group.

  • No fees are charged for an IdeaStorm.  The Stormee may be asked to cover costs of meeting room and refreshments if not hosted in their own facilities.

“It’s like a free focus group with Toronto's best minds.”

- Julian Sale, DareArts Foundation

If you have an idea that needs an IdeaStorm session,  email us with the details.


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