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The NewPath Lead Lottery

The Path to Sharing...

Get the details of this month's Lead Lottery winner.  Each month we encourage members to give back to the network by focusing on a selected member and providing just ONE relevant lead.  Are you up to the challenge?

If the profile below does not tell you enough, please contact our winner to learn more and get to know them better.  If you've never met, why not connect for a coffee and find out how you can work together?  It is a fact that people are less likely to share with people they have not met or do not trust.

Remember:  EACH MEMBER has at least one lead that could MAKE another member's year!  Please remember our mantra: “Meet. Greet. Share.”

April 2007 Lead Lottery Winner
Iva Baltova, M.Ed. & Ph.D., President, ADVANCED LEARNING SOLUTIONS
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January 2007 Lead Lottery Winner
Rick Niesiobedzki, Partner & CEO of Recursive Design Inc.
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October 2006 Lead Lottery Winner
Rick Noel, Founder & President, Knowledge Fountain Inc.
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July 2006 Lead Lottery Winner
Dmitry Brusilovsky helps companies get money that was invested in research and development of all kinds, back from the government in the form of refunds and tax credits.
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June 2006 Lead Lottery Winner
Laura Weinstein is a talented photographer and videographer available for private or corporate events.
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April 2006 Lead Lottery Winner
Liz Nash is a business enabler. Find out how she can help you or your clients / contacts reach business goals through improved communications.
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January 2006 Lead Lottery Winner
Scott McIntosh is not your usual Software Developer. His skill set, expertise and experience is surpassed only by his strange sense of humour!
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November 2005 Lead Lottery Winner
Carole St. Laurent is on a mission...her work helps thousands of less-advantaged people to improve their quality of life...through technology.
Learn More >
October 2005 Lead Lottery Winner
Patrick Dinnen, Hogtown Consulting: web design, internet development and communications.
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September 2005 NewPath Lead Lottery Winner
Jana Schilder, First Principle Communications
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Lead Lottery

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