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July 2006 Lead Lottery Winner

Dmitry Brusilovsky



Website: www.tripol.ca

This month's winner is Dmitry Brusilovsky who, by coincidence is a proud supporter of NewPath and one of our site sponsors.  Dmitry is a software developer and SRED Consultant.  While he is no Pamela Anderson, what he can do for your company is truly beautiful and won't embarrass you on National TV at the Junos!  

SRED stands for Scientific Research and Experimental Development, which is a federal incentive program providing tax credits and refunds to Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors for their expenses spent on research and development. Dmitry's company, Tripol Management Services helps companies to prepare and submit the complex SRED claim applications.

Bottom Line: Dmitry's work results in his customers obtaining checks from the government!

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