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January 2006 Lead Lottery Winner

Scott McIntosh

To my fellow NewPathers:

To start, I need you all to each send me a cheque for $50. I know it's a bit much, and this might fall outside the scope of "lead lottery", but it's a one-time thing, and I promise you'll all feel really great about it afterwards -- you know, all that good karma stuff. I know ya'll will do it because I've commandeered several satellite mind control transmission channels for precisely this purpose. I learned how to do this from Bush's State of the Union speech last night. But I promise not to use the money to invade other countries. Please don't resist the transmission, you'll only hurt yourself. My address and contact info is available in my Yahoo profile.

Once you've posted the cheque, if you hear of any opportunities that might suit my experience, feel free to forward them. My resume is here: http://www.ryatta.com/resume.html . I am also interested in exploring longer term product development opportunities as well. Though I am a technologist, they need not be based in technology.

Thanks in advance for your financial and career support!


Technical Skills Summary:


Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, DHTML, XML, Pascal, 80x86 Assembler, Fortran-77, PL/1, Turing, Concurrent Euclid, Basic, COBOL, C Shell & Bourne Shell, DCL, Rexx, 6809 assembler, Lisp


Sybase, MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, Versant ODBMS, MS Access

Tools, IDE, 4GL, Frameworks,Libraries, etc.

J2EE (EJB2, JSP), IBM Visual Age for Java, Borland JBuilder, OpenClient (DB-lib), Sybperl, APT, OpenServer, SQR, SA Companion, ERWin, UML, Infinity Fin++, Versant ODBMS, , IBM MQSeries, XML Authority, Symantec Cafe, TeleUSE, NeuronData OIT, MS Access, Macromedia Cold Fusion, ASP, ClearCase, WinCVS, RCS, MS Visual Basic, RogueWave Tools.h++, Purify, CodeCenter, Sun Workshop, Cognos PowerHouse, Uniface, PowerBuilder, Yacc, StP (CASE), X11: {Xmt, Motif, Xt Intrinsics, OI Library & UI Builder}, Panel Plus, Curses, Window Boss, Magic PC, Btrieve, D-ISAM]

Web Servers / App Servers

BEA Weblogic, Apache/Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet Enterprise (formerly Netscape)

Operating Systems & Environments

UNIX (Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, FreeBSD, Linux), Microsoft NT4, VMS, MacOS, MS DOS, VM/CMS, MVS-XA & JES3 (operations), SunView & OpenWindows 3, X-Windows


FrameMaker, MS Office, FrontPage, HomeSite, DreamWeaver, PGP, MS Project, Visio, Works, MS Project, Digidesign Sound Tools, Macintosh enthusiast,…

Lead Lottery

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