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April 2006 Lead Lottery Winner

Liz Nash

Vice President

Nash & Nash Ltd.

(416) 536-2934

email: mail@nashnash.com

Website: www.nashnash.com

Liz was at New Path’s Dan Pink Event at Rotman School of Management. She loved the event and loved Dan Pink’s book.  Last Thursday, March 30th, was her first New Path meeting, but definitely not her last!  Here is what she has to share with the group about herself and her company:

Nash & Nash designs and creates communications that help companies get the business results they deem most important. The problems owners and managers complain of that can be helped by communication often are these:

• attracting new customers and new markets,

• improving morale and attracting top talent,

• getting new investors and partners.

The work we do is exciting for clients who face those kinds of challenges because we help them explain what they do from the vantage point of the other party and why what they do is so valuable. We help them clarify which communication activity or tools would produce the most value.

After 30 years in business there’s nothing we haven’t created to improve a client’s business. We love what we do for their success.

We have a large range because we work with all industries. Our broad expertise means we always come up with a feasible and fresh solution.

Our ideal client is any company of any age or size in any industry that wants to achieve any of those three business objectives. (see bulleted points above)

Visit our website to see our work, case histories and references or contact me directly.

I also welcome you to request our complementary sheet on business communications as a resource to  help you or a client sort out what form of business communications to use.

Liz Nash

Lead Lottery

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