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January 2007 Lead Lottery Winner

 Rick Niesiobedzki

Partner & CEO / Business Development

Recursive Design, Inc


email: rick AT recursive DOT ca

Website: www.recursive.ca

Recursive creates robust yet refreshingly uncomplicated software to help people produce collaborative results using the power of the web.

Raconteur is an on-demand website authoring software for creating, publishing and maintaining websites to tens of thousands of pages, easily, with no database or content management system & no software to install or manage.

Web Developers:

  • Designers work with their usual design tools. Raconteur applies your designs to your websites without needing intervention or additional services from Recursive. There is no software to install.

  • Creation of structure and content by writers or producers is independent of design, allowing continuous progress in your projects regardless of changes.

  • Raconteur delivers your websites which then run independently of it. Files are served by Apache or other webserver, making hosting easy and scaling routine.

  • You can manage multiple projects and websites from a single point, host your websites wherever you want, and integrate your websites with e-commerce and other applications as desired.


  • Save substantial time and resources in developing, maintaining, extending and changing your websites and web projects.

  • No new IT resources are required as Raconteur is hosted and accessed over the web, reducing your costs, overhead and management effort.

  • Creating and modifying content (and even changing structure) of websites using Raconteur is easy for your own staff or even volunteers to do – with dramatic results for some organizations who work with this model.

Learn more about Raconteur or the new Sienna Community of Practice Software for effective work groups at www.recursive.ca

About Rick Niesiobedzki

Rick is a partner in Recursive Design, having gradually increased his involvement since his first introduction to Recursive in late 2005 and now serves as its CEO.  Rick’s current focus includes developing strategic partnerships with the goal of accelerating business growth for Recursive, our partners and customers. Prior to Recursive Design Rick was the founder of a company (est.1987 - 2003) that integrated Digital VAX and PDP11 systems, later focusing on Cisco networking equipment and doing business worldwide starting on the early wwweb.

Rick’s inclination has always been to connect and to see new and often unexpected ways for individuals and organizations to work together for mutual benefit. That’s what makes ‘work’ fun!

Who is Bob Hutchison?

Bob Hutchison is a founding partner of Recursive Design and serves as its CTO. Prior to founding Recursive Design in 2002 and since 1981, Bob has held senior management positions in other successful high tech companies, where he has played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of hundreds of advanced software solutions, in areas such as “fuzzy reasoning”, optimization, scheduling, distributed work-flow, computer-aided design, animation, and more.

Bob is involved in research, design and implementation for all Recursive Design software and plays an active role in the management of operations. Visit Bob’s personal weblog to read some of his thoughts about the world in general and software in particular.

Rick and Bob have both worked with not for profit organizations, serving on volunteer boards for many years.


Lead Lottery

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