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October 2006 Lead Lottery Winner

Rick Noel

Chairman & CEO,

Knowledge Fountain, Inc.


email: noel@knowledgefountain.com

Website: www.knowledgefountain.com

Knowledge Fountain, Inc. , is an e-learning company specializing in Serious Games software, designed to be used in education, corporate training, adult learning, guidance, health, and public policy.

Knowledge Fountain produces high-fidelity simulations that model the dynamic, time-based properties of a real-world business environment including any associated processes and procedures.

Our software allows the learner/trainee to engage in the decision-making process in a contextual way, setting goals and tasks, formulating and executing plans, and exploring various situational possibilities while circumventing the inconveniences, risks, and prohibitive costs of undertaking the actual activities. The result is a more compelling learning experience, better knowledge retention, higher rate of completion, and shortened learning cycles.

I founded Knowledge Fountain in early 1997 with the help of a group of experienced business, education, technology, and entertainment advisors with over 75 years of combined business & software experience.

We are currently seeking pilot projects with Fortune 500 companies that are looking to increase their training ROI by co-producing truly effective training software that their employees will actually want to use.

I invite you to visit our website at: www.knowledgefountain.com , and would greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback you might have.

About Rick Noel

I've accumulated over 14 years of software industry experience and 15 years of entertainment industry experience. My appointments have included management, management consulting, software development, business analysis, artificial intelligence, computer simulation, knowledge engineering and recording artist. My work has spanned such vertical industries as finance, telecommunications, publishing, energy, transportation, law, education, entertainment, marketing, and retail.


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