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Who is NewPath and Rotman NeXus?

Meet the people from NewPath and Rotman NeXus who can make a difference for your organization. Share your ideas and see what opportunities can be uncovered in the areas of:

Business Development and Strategy

Web Development and Programming

Organizational Development

Creative and Business Writing / Editing

Software Application Development

Data Analysis and Management

Project Management

Graphic Design

Fundraising and Corporate Philanthropic Strategies

Usability Engineering

Marketing and Communications


Product Management

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Operational & Financial Strategies

Leadership Coaching


About NewPath:

NewPath is a leading-edge Toronto-based virtual IT network bringing talent and needs together for the greater good. TradeStorm is an opportunity for leaders and administrators from the Not-For-Profit sector to meet Toronto's finest IT and IT related freelance consultants and professionals, who can help you meet your organization's challenges and goals head on.

About Rotman NeXus:

Rotman Nexus is a non-profit management consulting service established specifically to help non-profit organizations and social enterprises build capacity, explore new revenue streams, and broaden their networks for financial and community support. Staffed by top-tier MBA students who have completed the first of two years' study, Rotman Nexus offers consulting services at affordable rates and also advances and disseminates research on the measurement of social return and blended value.  For more information visit www.rotman.utoronto.ca/nexus

Register NOW for TradeStorm '06 to reserve your spot... space is limited to approximately 100 participants.  

To register or for more information, contact tradestorm@newpathnetwork.org

TradeStorm'06 is brought to you in part by our generous sponsors:

Lead Lottery
Social Enterprise Links

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